Monday, July 19, 2010

It's dang hot!

I guess I haven't mentioned yet that summer is here and man is it hot! According to the papers this summer looks like it's going to break records. Last week Qatar was above 50°, and one area hit about 55° (that's about 130°F for those of you who aren't used to Celsius).

Someone I know showed me a cell phone picture that they took of the dashboard of their car. Apparently he had left his car outside in the sun during one of those 50+ degree days and the dashboard had a thermometer in it. The dashboard showed that the car was 60°C inside! Pretty wild.

I did not go outside much but even then my lips got chapped from the heat. I never had chapped lips so bad before and it was really annoying.

Unfortunately my next vacation is not until the end of August so looks like I'm stuck with the heat for another month. At least there is a pool nearby, with shade.


martha carmela said...

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Glen McKay said...

In time, in time. Thanks for stopping by Martha.