Sunday, March 13, 2016

Back to Shahaniya

So my friend invited me back to Shahaniya so that we could go over to a friend's place for dinner. This time he asked if I could wear one of my thobes.

Sure, no problem, I've started getting used to them.

Do I look Arab? Not really, primarily due to my brown hair and beard. If I dyed it black and wore sunglasses (so no one could see my grey-blue eyes) maybe from a distance no one would think I was a foreigner. I doubt it though.

As for Shahaniya it takes time to get there and, just like last time, there's further delays as you have to wait for camels.

So when I arrived my friend was running late so I sat in his outside majlis and watched the world go by (or camels, as the case may be).

After he arrived we went to the stables to see his camels. I posed for a picture with one.

Then . . .

lol, that tickled! Friendly camel.

Then off to dinner. I didn't take pictures as it was dark but after eating (goat meat on a bed of rice) one of the guys decided to fix my gurtra into a more casual bedouin style. Casual? More like my agal is slipping off my head.

And so ended another evening with Qataris and camels.

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