Monday, October 09, 2017

German Design Exhibition

Today I went with some friends to the new Exhibition on German Design, at the building next to the Islamic Museum.

The rooms were organized by decade and discussed the changes in how Germans approached design for various items. Cars were a big part of the exhibits, with examples by Porsche and Volkswagen.

But it wasn't just cars. Computers, plastic and wooden furniture, clothing, experimental design artwork, it was actually pretty interesting walking around and seeing all the stuff.

One of the coolest rooms was a Sound Room that contained a large keyboard where each key was a sound from a Porsche, ranging from interior sounds to the sound it would make as it passed by you at different speeds. It was fun to play around with that for a while.

Like I said some of it was experimental and not designed for common use, such as this hat that has movable parts and intricate lighting. It was used in the video for "Automation" by the musician Jamiroquai (you can see the video on YouTube). Not something that people would generally be wearing, except maybe when cosplaying.

Anyway the Exhibition is definitely worth a visit, and kids would probably enjoy it as well. It's in Doha until mid-January.

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