Friday, July 03, 2009

4th of July

In honour of American Independence Day, which is close to Canada Day, I figure I would give an analogy which might help non-North Americans with the difference in history between the two countries:

Father Britain had sons called America and Canada (though from different mothers, Canada's mother was France). America was the oldest one and grew up to be confident and rebellious while his younger brother Canada was the quieter more studious one, who almost always did what his father asked and didn't cause too much trouble. America started wearing leather jackets and smoking while Canada wore sweaters and liked helping his parents out in the yard.

As time went on America got more and more rebellious and kept getting into trouble because he wouldn't obey his father. One day they had a big fight on the front lawn which America won, bloodying the nose of his father, then he left home.

Canada stayed with his father and was shocked at what America had done. They even got into a brief tussle later on. But despite their differences the brothers had always been close and they quickly forgave one another. America continued his wild ways but didn't get Canada involved. It took a bit longer but eventually America also reconciled with his father, though America never returned home.

Eventually Canada grew older and he and his father agreed that it was time he left home and be independent. Canada left his father and set up his own home (but continued to ask his father for help every now and then and had his father over often for dinner). Canada remained close to his brother America and even assisted running some of his businesses, but never had the popularity of his brother. While they may look similar because they are brothers it surprised people who knew them how different they are from one another. Countries found Canada perhaps a little cold and distant, even a tad boring, but he was always polite and generally liked, kind of like a young Mr Rogers. America was tougher, wealthier, popular, and more exciting, like James Dean. Canada rarely got into fights while America was always getting into scraps with someone or another. (Canada may not have realised it but other countries knew that even though Canada was kinda nerdy if you messed with him America would come to his rescue, which is what kept that bully Soviet and his gang from hassling Canada too much.)

Today the brothers' friendship continues to be strong despite their ideological differences. America sometimes tries to get Canada out into the action, while Canada occasionally scolds America for not being nicer to others, like his friend Cuba down the road, but those are little more then jabs that brothers do to one another. Countries are nice to Canada but don't pay him much attention, while everyone pays attention to America even though many don't like him that much.

They will always remain close but will never entirely see eye-to-eye.

Happy 4th of July America.


Karen said...

lol very cute post Penny :)

Oman said...

nice but ah - what about Australia

Glen McKay said...

Australia was a younger brother. Dad figured from the beginning that Australia would be a good-for-nothing so their relationship was always distant. :)

Karen C said...

Happy Canada Day &
Happy 4th of July....Glen

Loved your story.