Friday, August 13, 2010

Fasting -- day two

I forgot to mention that my attempt to wean myself off caffeine was successful. Once I started fasting I had no issues with caffeine withdrawal. Haven't had a coffee or tea until last night (which was just a couple of small cups of Arabic coffee). No headaches, no withdrawal symptoms.

The second day was as I expected a bit tougher than the first. I got to bed around midnight the night before so I was on a bit less sleep. By the afternoon I was definitely fading. I also noticed that my memory was a bit impaired, it was more difficult to remember things and I occasionally found myself having to pause to think of something like name of the restaurant I ate at a few days ago.

Got home around 3:30 but was not exhausted so surfed the net for a while before going to bed around 4:30 for an hour.

For Iftar I met up with a Kuwaiti friend of mine and his wife to have dinner at an Indian restaurant. Even though it was an Indian restaurant when we sat down they put a plate of dates on the table and gave us each glasses of lemon with mint and a big bottle of water. We were still a few minutes early so we sat at the table with this food and drink in front of us that we couldn't touch because it was not officially time yet.

Qatar does a pretty good job in trying to inform people when everyone can break the fast. At about the same time my friend’s mobile rang to tell him it was time (I think his phone service provides that if you register), the ambient music in the restaurant suddenly changed to a prayer, and in the distance there was a sound of a cannon firing (or maybe it was a firework). I think the cannon was something the Government arranged so that it creates a loud noise across the city to let everyone know they can start eating. And once again once I started eating it was difficult to stop, though I will admit it was good Indian food.

After dinner we were out and about doing some shopping and stuff. Went to a supermarket at around 10:30pm and it was absolutely packed with people buying groceries.

Was in bed about midnight and once again set my alarm for 3 am so I could snack on some dates and dried fruit and drink a glass of water. I also left a small bottle of laban on my nightstand but at 3 a.m. I completely forgot it was there so I didn't drink it. I don't even think I open my eyes while I was eating. Slept until 9:30 and once I finish this post I'll head out to work. Yep, it's the weekend but I have a ton of stuff at the office that I need to do. Hopefully this will keep me occupied so I won't be thinking about food all day.

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