Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramadan -- day one

Okay, 10 minutes to go before I can start eating. I have a plate of dates and a glass of water ready and I have some rice cooking for a little bit later. So how did it go?

So far not too bad, woke up at 3 am briefly to have some food, then back to bed until seven before getting up to go to work. It was a busy day so that kept me occupied and not dwelling on food or drink but I definitely was getting hungry by about 11, and by 2 I was feeling a little weak. Got home from work a little after 3:30 but didn't really feel tired enough to sleep so I surfed the net for a little bit then went to bed around 4:30 and slept for an hour. I am starving right now!

I figure the next day will be tougher because I will probably be going to bed later tonight so won't have as much sleep as I did the night before. Once I have my iftar meal I'm heading over to a friend’s place for a while.

One of my work colleagues gave me a Ramadan prayer schedule (from which shows the various prayer times. Generally sunrise is around 3:45am and sunset meal at about 6:10pm but of course the day gets shorter the further along the month you go. By the middle of the month sunrise is at 3:52 and sunset at 5:59. I figure I'll just stick to getting up around three o'clock for a snack.

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Anonymous said...

good going! keep up the perseverance :D