Friday, March 09, 2012


So I’m back from Canada. I returned a few days ago and spent the last while catching up on work and shopping for groceries.

Whenever I go to Canada in the winter we always have a “late-Christmas”. About eight years ago when I was working in Bermuda I was unable to get time off for the Christmas holidays -- it was my turn to be at the office while everyone else went away. When I informed my Mother that I was not going to be able to make it for Christmas she said "Well then we will just have Christmas when you can make it." And so arrangements were made for the family to meet in mid-January for Christmas. And you know what? We liked it so much we've done it every year since, either in January or February depending on when I can get back to Canada.

Why was late-Christmas such a big hit?

• Airfares were cheaper;
• airports aren't crowded like they are during the holidays;
• it was easy for everyone in the family to get time off work;
• the malls are not crowded and have tons of sales;
• for my brother it resolved that common problem every married couple with kids has -- whose family to spend Christmas Day with;
• my niece and nephew get a second Christmas (they're definitely not complaining); and
• it's a great way to stop those mid-winter blahs as it gives the family something to look forward to after New Year.

And when I mean we have Christmas I mean we do the whole holiday tradition: tree, presents, turkey dinner, the whole nine yards. It's nice, I really enjoy it. That we do not have Christmas on December 25 does not bother me at all.

Here I am with my late-Christmas presents, including a Vancouver Canucks snuggie.

Merry late-Christmas everyone!

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