Thursday, October 02, 2014

Eid Vacation -- Scotland

Started my Eid vacation in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Weather has been fantastic, sunny and high-teens to low twenties. I think it's because I brought an umbrella with me so, naturally, it won't rain. That's the Murphy's Law of travel.

Despite the recent independence referendum in Scotland people have not been discussing it much. I was told there might be a lot of hard feelings so people are reluctant to discuss it lest it just lead to arguments. Maybe they're not discussing it much in touristy places, I don't know.

Anyway Edinburgh's Castle and Royal Mile were nice, also did some whiskey tastings, ate steak & ale pies, and the staff at the local dental hospital were nice too (long story, don't ask, nothing to do with the pies). Also watched a Glasgow Celtics game on the telly at a very pro-Celtic bar in a Glasgow neighbourhood called Gorbals. Bar was called the Brazen Head, apparently famous as a hotbed of Irish Republicanism. Was mellow when I was there, everyone there was just having drinks and watching the game.



ikeaikeaikea said...

I just came across this site. I am Canadian (from Vancouver) and was working in Qatar for a year. What makes you stay there? You've been there for quite some time.

Mohammad Abdul Rahman Siddqui said...

Just to tell you, the new Turkey Central is now Open

Glen McKay said...

Thanks Mohammad for the update.

Glen McKay said...

What makes me stay in Qatar? My work is fine, I have a number of friends (both Qatari and non-Qatari), I get to travel to places that I would have never thought of going to when I lived in Canada. Staying in a large city also gives options for things to do. Haven't really had a compelling reason to move on. Even the summers don't bother me too much, I think by and large Canadians are used to spending 4-6 months of the year mostly indoors so a summer here is kind of like an inverse Canadian winter.

I do wish the traffic would be better though, it would have been great if they'd started the metro a few years earlier. I also get annoyed sometimes by the dust but there's nothing that Qatar can do about that.

ikeaikeaikea said...

I remember the traffic there. I worked in the industrial area so I know how bad it can get.

It definitely was an interesting experience. I've gotten some interest from employers in Doha to go back and work there. So far, the packages haven't been sweet enough to make that move. Eventually, I'll make my way back. I've got to admit, it feels like a completely different world living in Qatar. Sometimes I look back and think, was I really there?

I'm glad you're enjoying it there. It's hard to get ahead here in Vancouver. Just had dinner with a new American friend who is a nurse and said that she doesn't know how anyone can save in Vancouver. It was definitely easier to have a social life in the states and she's from NYC.