Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Dukhan Beach

This weekend a bunch of us went to a private beach in Dukhan, on the West coast. Qatar Petroleum has huge operations in Dukhan so have a private beach area with cabins, majlis and so forth. The host works at QP so arranged for us to stay at one of the sites for the day.

It was a decent sized place, with an indoor majlis (with a/c, though we didn't use it as the weather was great)

outdoor majlis

BBQ, and of course, beach access. The beach had three such places along it so it was fairly private.

So we spent the day swimming, then cooking up burgers and chili.

Relaxing on the beach

And chilling out in the outdoor majlis (with a big screen TV so people could play FIFA 16, as you do).

I had never been to Dukhan beach before and it was nice to get out there while the weather was great. With summer approaching these kinds of trips will end soon.

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