Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Ramadan 2016, Day 9 - Ramadan Souq at the Exhibition Centre

Last night I went to the Ramadan Souq at the Exhibition Centre down in West Bay. I wasn't planning on doing any shopping, but since the Souq opens at eight it was a good excuse to walk around for a while before meeting friends after the tarawih prayer.

The place is pretty big, probably had something like 150 shops. Most of the shops were new to Qatar so they probably have stuff you wouldn't find in the malls. they can do things like clothing, carpets, incense burners and perfumes, serving dishes and trays, and other items to typically find in a Arabian souq.

What I thought was pretty cool was the amusement area in the back. Mini-soccer field, go-kart racing (inside the Exhibition Centre!) and a small food court were found there. The games don't open until nine o'clock though so no one was using it when I was there.

While my pictures don't show it being particularly crowded the longer I was there the busier the souq was getting. I left around 9 and a lot of people were starting to come in. I assume by around 10pm it'll be pretty busy as most shoppers would arrive after the tarawih prayers.

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