Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Warranty Has Expired

These past few days has seen me go to one doctor for a problem with my back (doctor suspects it is a joint inflammation between the spine and the hip, test results come back Thursday), and to the dentist to get a deep cavity filled (this was why I needed to get my wisdom teeth out the cavity was between a tooth and an impacted wisdom tooth).

I swear my mother must have a certificate that was given to her when I was born stating that I have a 38-year warranty because, man, am I falling apart! I've been under general anaesthetic three times in the last year and have had two other medical problems besides. Almost everything has been resolved so if this back inflammation can get sorted out then I have to worry about is my repetitive strain injury.

I hope 2010 is way better medical-wise.


A 2 Z said...

Hi Glenn,

Sorry to hear about your health issues. Sounds like you have a disk problem. Did you get an MRI yet? Its the only test that will give you an accurate answer. I suffer from this problem myself. I think living overseas stresses expats and eventually we get more minor problems. It seems that you are still in Qatar for the holidays. Perhaps you are due back to Canada for some much needed R&R. Take care!

PS I just started a new blog. Mine is not at all intellectual but rather filled with bad jokes LOL

Glen McKay said...

Possibly a disk problem, see December 24 posting for an update on an MRI.