Saturday, January 23, 2010

Skeptics in the Pub -- Friday, January 29

So having met another critical thinker in Doha, and he knows some other like-minded people, looks like it's time for...

The first get-together of critical thinkers in Doha!

Friday, January 29
Location: Library Bar, Ramada Hotel
Time: 7-ish

Nothing formal, just critical thinkers chatting over drinks. If anyone is interested feel free to come along!
(And if any Muslims are reading this and are interested in such events let me know, we will see about future ones being "Skeptics in the Cafe" so you can join us.)

I will also post this notice on the JREF forums on the odd chance someone in Doha peruses those boards. Stranger things have happened.


The Dicklomat said...

Glen: You are absolutely right about the "Cafe" option. In the spirit of being inclusive, I would be pleased to remove "access-to-beer" from my priority list if anyone of the "non-beer" persuasion wanted to come along. This would also allow younger people to get in. If anyone so inclined expresses interest, we'll then move the would be a nice way to overtly demonstrate that our purpose is a positive one.

Kerry also mentioned the smoke, which might be a consideration as well. We'll see. The most important thing is that the venue is quiet enough that we can hear each other and that adjacent parties won't be upset if we make too much noise.

- Jason

kflo said...

Hello Skeptic,

I work for a local magazine in Doha and am interested in featuring your blog in a feature on local bloggers. If you're interested please let me know.


Glen McKay said...

kflo, I don't have a problem with that. I assume you are related to the website ending in ". ."? The magazine is online as well, I think?

kflo said...

Hello again, actually that's my personal blog, but if you e-mail me your contact info I can give you more details. Thanks! The magazine is not online yet...don't want to give away which one it is in public!