Thursday, May 19, 2011


So a while back (I'm not saying when) my friends Carrie and Kamahl organized a small birthday party for me and asked me to invite some people. I'm not one to make a big deal about my birthday but I knew there was no getting out of it -- last year Carrie and Kamahl surprised me with a birthday dinner weeks after my birthday. So I invited some friends but didn't tell them that it was for my birthday as I didn't want people making a fuss or getting me gifts. I guess you could say I surprised them.

We had a nice meal of barbeque meats and fixins and then went to another room for dessert. What I wasn't expecting was what they had prepared for me:

A Canadian flag cake, birthday cookies with Canadian flags and "Happy Birthday Glen" in icing, and a huge assortment of other tarts, pies and desserts! Wow! Apparently they found the cake decorator to ice the entire cake to make it look like a Canadian flag.

Here's a close-up:

There was enough dessert for over 20 people, and there certainly weren't that many of us there, so after stuffing ourselves I took the remaining cake to the office the next day. People in the office saw the cake and asked if it was Canada's Independence Day or something :)

(That is actually July 1 in case you didn't know)

I had a great time, thanks guys.

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Abid said...

sweet! where in canada are you from?