Saturday, July 09, 2011

Asian vs European Sizes

Went shopping for some shorts today and I just had to take a picture of the tag:

In case you can't read it the tag says:

Size: EUR: L - ASIA: 3XL

Wow, I'm a XXXL in Asian size. *sigh*

So at what point in time did a European large become the same size as XXXL in Asia? Have we in the West been gradually increasing the size label on clothes? Would an ‘XL’ from the 1950s be a size ‘M’ now?

Anyway, what a downer.



Anonymous said...

Size: US: S - EUR: L - ASIA: 3XL

Glen McKay said...

Size: US: M - EUR: L - ASIA: You too big.

Tyson said...

Don't sweat it Glen. It only becomes a problem if the only thing you find that fits comfortably is a moo moo.


Glen McKay said...

You making fun of my flannel moomoo? :)