Monday, September 05, 2011

I'm back from Rome

Okay, I'm back. Rome was a really interesting city and I had a great time.

It was too hot though. I think they were in the middle of some kind of heatwave. Temperatures tended to be around 32 or 33° with some humidity; combine that with the fact that Italians don't seem to like air-conditioning and it got unpleasant at times walking around seeing the sights. I was having a shower and changing my clothes at the least twice a day, sometimes three times. Ugh. From now on I'll go to Southern Europe during cooler months.

I know, I know, “O RLY, is Italy hot in August!?” So it's not Rome's fault that the weather was hot.

I will say that I ate tons of pasta, lots of pizza, and big scoops of gelato. And I’d do it again if given the chance! (bwahahahaha)

I'm sorting through the pictures now, I'll spend the next couple of posts on pictures from Rome.


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