Monday, July 16, 2012


Need to stock up on some dates for Ramadan. Last year I bought a variety from the supermarket but there are other options:

There's a few shops in Souq Waqif that sell dates. They are behind some of the restaurants like Le Gourmet, facing the parking lot. I have picked up dates there a few times; or

a Qatari friend of mine recommended a place that he goes to for dates, a place near Burger King roundabout

They carry a wide selection of dates as well as decorative platters and other things you can use for them, much like a chocolate shop.

One of the advantages of date stores like Al Qaseem or the ones in Souq Waqif is that you can sample all the varieties and then buy the ones you like. There are many different varieties of dates – Al Qaseem had over a dozen.

Ultimately I picked up some Khudri dates, a variety I never tried before called Sultani, and of course some Ajwa dates. Ajwas are the most expensive, in part because they are specifically mentioned in hadiths as providing health benefits, but I like their flavor. I didn't order a lot of them though – at QAR 180 a kilo they are up to three times as expensive as some other varieties.


Hadith of the day:

Abu Harairah narrated that the Prophet said: “When any one of you wake up, let him not put his hands in the food plate until he washes it three times, for he does not know where his hand was [while he was asleep].” Sahih Muslim, Book of Wudu.


Anonymous said...

I like the hadieth of the day, inshalla you put it every day :)

Glen McKay said...

Thanks. Normally I don't post every day but during Ramadan I tend to post more frequently. I will include a hadith with each of my Ramadan posts.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading about your experiences - both of Qatar and of taking part in Ramadan.
About the hadiths posts, just a reminder that all hadiths have a context; most scholars will state the context of the hadith alongside the hadith. Otherwise, some don't make sense and may not be applicable to all times.
Thanks for your posts!

Glen McKay said...

Thanks for stopping by, glad you're enjoying the posts.

I'm using a 2-volume "summarized" Sahih Muslim books so do not have any commentary or context with the hadiths. All I got are the hadiths themselves I'm afraid. I'm trying to choose hadiths that seem very straightforward.