Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Petition to Improve Conditions at the Pet Area of Souq Waqif

I've been told about an online petition, formed to ask the Qatari government to improve the conditions for animals in the “Pet Souq” area of Souq Waqif. As you probably know that area sells hundreds of animals in small cages who are left out in the heat of summer when the stores are open. The Qatar Animal Welfare Society had always advised people never to buy pets there as they are then supporting those stores.

The petition outlines numerous issues found at the Pet Souq:

Click on the link here to go to the petition

Please go to the link above and sign the petition, hopefully it will help the animals that are sold there.


Ruby Stappard said...

Thank you for posting this....the fight will go on!

Glen McKay said...

No problem, glad to help raise awareness. Usually when I bring guests to the Souq they get a bit distressed at the conditions at the pet souq.