Monday, May 26, 2014

Changes to Souq Waqif

Now that summer is here looks like a lot of places in Souq Waqif have started construction or renovations, probably to be ready in time for the crowds to return in the fall. A few new places have opened or are about to open as well.

On the main restaurant street the building that used to hold the Al-Tawash restaurant is now being converted to The Village restaurant (there’s one on the corner of Salwa Road and D-ring).

Right across from it, where Déjà Vu café used to be, the building is blocked off and being renovated. There was no sign to indicate what would be there when the renovations were complete.

Just behind there, where the Soy Restaurant used to be, the entire area is being renovated. I recall someone mentioning to me that it might become another boutique hotel. If so, there's a lot of work left to go so I figure it will be at least a year before it opens.

Going further along the restaurant street I noticed a sign for a new Italian place. This place is behind the Gulf Seafood restaurant and Café Brux-Tasse.

It's not open yet but it's close, the tables and chairs were already out on the (I assume air-conditioned) patio.

Heading towards the courtyard where the La Dolce Vita restaurant is you pass by a new Turkish restaurant that is being set up.

And in the courtyard itself there is a new Arabic restaurant, Abo Shariha.

There's also a shwarma restaurant that opened next door.

Further along the restaurant street the place that used to hold Beirut Restaurant is still being renovated. Not sure what is going to be there once it's done. (I miss the Beirut Restaurant)

And even the Café Medhaal near the end of the street is being renovated. Since the signs are still up I'm assuming it will remain Café Medhaal.

There's also a bunch of construction at the end of the street but I'm not sure what it's for. Could be related to the Musherib Project but if it’s something else it looks like it will be some time before it is finished.

I also noticed that the Hotel Souq Waqif has changed its name, its now the Al Jomrok Hotel.

Finally, construction on the new parking lot is still ongoing. This will be a huge parking lot between Souq Waqif and the Corniche. I believe it's 4 levels deep and can hold more than 2000 cars, which will be fantastic when it's done.

So there's plenty to look forward to at Souq Waqif. If you think you can handle the summer heat maybe give one of the new places a try, I’m there all the time so I will definitely try them out.


Salman Al-ansari said...

the construction site at the end of the street is for a tunnel that connects Musherib to souq wagif

Glen McKay said...

Thanks Salman. I assume it'll lead to an underground parking lot or maybe a metro station. There's a lighted crosswalk less than 50m away so I can't see a tunnel just to cross the street.

Salman Al-ansari said...

it leads to the commercial st in musheirb as far as I know. I saw a render for it long ago. I think I should have said pedestrian underpass instead of a tunnel to make it clear. I can find some photos for it if you are interested.

Glen McKay said...

That's okay Salman, I believe you. That part of Musherib should be finished in the next year so it'll be done by then most likely.