Saturday, October 03, 2015

Watching Another Qatar Stars League Match

Last night I went out to Gharafa Stadium to watch Al-Rayyan take on Mesaimeer.

When I got to the stadium there was a huge crowd outside. Apparently there was some Egyptian event going on in the parking lot. There was a stage with a singer and a lot of people carrying Egyptian flags. I have no idea what it was or why it was held in a parking lot but it looked like everyone was having a good time.

As for the game, it was reasonably well attended (around 3-4 thousand). Al-Rayyan is one of the more popular clubs in Qatar so have a lot of fans. I think Mesaimeer had maybe 100 fans (many of whom were on the far right of this picture, evenly spaced out in the seats for some reason).

No half-time show but the Al Kass network did have two field reporters doing half-time commentary for their broadcast.

The first half wasn’t very exciting but then things picked up in the second half with Al-Rayyan scoring two decent goals. Final score 2-0.

There was another match after that (Qatar Club vs Umm Slal) but I had to meet friends at a café so I left. I saw the game on TV at the café and it was a much more exciting game (Umm Slal was 2-0 down but managed to score two, with the equalizer happening in the final 30 seconds in injury time).

I’m thinking next week to go to Al Khor if there’s a match there.

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