Sunday, May 22, 2016

Qatar Weddings on Instagram

I always post about weddings that I attend, and there was one last weekend up in Al-Khor. Really nice tent, lots of guests, sword dancing, all in all a good time.

While a men's wedding is relatively casual compared to most Western weddings (no gifts, no pressure to stick around -- you can just show up to give your congratulations and leave) for Qataris showing up is still a serious matter, two of my friends rescheduled a vacation just to make sure they could attend the wedding, even though they'd be there for maybe an hour or so. What's important is that you were there.

Anyway, this time the groom had an e-invitation that he sent around, something that is becoming more and more popular. The invitation has a picture of the groom on a black background with the details of where/when the wedding celebration will take place. From this I learned that there are instagram pages where grooms post wedding invitations and people also post pictures from the wedding.

So if you would like to see a lot of pictures from Qatari Weddings, as well as invitations, check out You'll get a good idea of what a wedding celebration is like.

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