Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Rainy Season has Begun

Tonight it rained a little! First time in 6 months or so. A 6-month gap between rain is actually pretty good for Qatar. Having rain in late November is pretty standard, just this year the rains lasted longer than I remember, I think in May it rained, usually it stops around March-April.

Now whether it rained a little or a lot seemed dependent on which neighbourhood you were in so the rain was somewhat isolated. I was out in Soudan when it started and it rained pretty good for maybe 10 minutes then stopped. After an hour or so it was mostly evaporated. But then I went to another neighbourhood on an errand and the place had minor flooding, with huge puddles in low-lying areas of the street. Weird. Where I live the rain must have been heavier as well, lots of big puddles.

At least it means the biting heat will end and winter is upon us. The daytime temperature will probably drop to the mid-20s over the next couple of weeks. I just hope the rain is spread out so we don't have the flooding problems that always occur when Qatar receives a lot of rain in a short time.

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