Tuesday, June 06, 2017

But the News Said the Carrefour at City Centre was Cleaned Out!

The news story of panic food-buying and cleared out shelves is picking up steam. I've seen a story in the Guardian, references in the Telegraph, and even a Philippine newspaper discussing it and they all say the same thing: "queues up to 25 people deep" (exact quote) at the Carrefour at City Centre Mall and it's cleaned out of food or essentials and there are ton of empty shelves. Each one of them mentions this specific store and the 25 people deep queues. Every one of them. Which means it all came from one article. I have no idea what news organization was the original source of this.

Anyway, yesterday I posted pictures of grocery stores with tons of food but not from that particular Carrefour. I suspect Carrefour was not expecting crowds of people that morning (who was?) so didn't have time to restock the shelves after the onslaught.

I went there tonight, here's the pictures -- big surprise, they have food and water. These pictures were around 30 hours after they were supposedly cleaned out, I took pictures of rice, bread, and of course the tons and tons of bottled water they are allegedly out of.

I'm not saying there wasn't panic buying yesterday morning, I wasn't there so how do I know, but the stores have plenty of food and if there were "25-person" line-ups things have calmed down and are back to normal. I do hope newspapers bear this in mind and stop with the scare stories.

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