Saturday, November 04, 2017

Weapon and Armour Exhibit at the Islamic Museum

For the next few months there is a special exhibit at the Museum of Islamic Art, a display of antique armour and weapons, from the private holding of a local collector. I went with a few Qatari friends as they all like antique weapons.

Most of the items are Turkish, Persian or Central Asian, showing the various types of weapons used over the centuries. There was even some ceremonial items which were inlaid with precious materials, not necessarily meant for battle but were typically given as gifts to important persons.

Entrance to the exhibit is free, it's on the fourth floor of the Museum. There's also two rooms with short film presentations discussing the items and the history. The items were really cool so if you get a chance stop by the Museum.

And if you haven't ever been to the Museum, why haven't you? It's really worth a visit. One of my friends hadn't been before and he was really impressed. He'll be back again with his family to see the Museum and let his kids play in the park.

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