Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Where am I?

I'm right here! Having a great time!


A 2 Z said...

Pretty kewl ! Will this be your new job!

Anonymous said...

Not bad Glen... you'll have my job before you know it!

Tubbo, Chubbo, Twiggy and Qatsquatch's Dad.

The Dicklomat said...

Glen: When are you back in Qatar? Will you be able to make it to Kerry's "Yarden" for another Sqeptics meet? He does serve very good BEvERages and HAMburgers.

In case you don't get around to "telling zee verlt!" as a blog post, anyone interested in coming along, the SQEPTICS YARDEN will be this Friday Mar 05. Call me for location - Jason 799-1492

Glen McKay said...

Hmmmm, change jobs to be a newscaster? Sounds interesting enough, maybe I should try out somewhere? :-)

Glen McKay said...

To tell you the truth, I found my work a bit stilted. The teleprompter scrolled at a slower speed than I normally talk, so I had to slow it down and put in odd pauses to stall for the next line to appear for me to read.