Sunday, October 09, 2011

The Secret Ministry

Unbeknownst to many people Qatar has a secret Ministry working within the shadows of the Government. Their building is unlabeled, its management unknown, and they don't issue press releases or organize conferences. Yet it is one of the most powerful Ministries in Qatar, a Ministry that almost no one can mess with, wielding an exceptional amount of power...

... The Ministry of Tearing Up Roads.

Anyone who has lived in Doha knows, deep down inside, that this Ministry exists. I have challenged many Qatari friends about it but they all deny its existence -- possibly out of fear of reprisals. Its employees are everywhere, touring the city at night looking for locations to tear up without warning. They are incredibly quick and amazingly efficient.

It's the only explanation.



kooki said...

You were stuck in traffic yesterday, and today... weren't you? : )

Mike said...

It's so bloody true...what on earth is going on at the moment with all these roadworks...I turn the corner and there it is....more red and white blocks seemingly there for no apparent reason, and no doubt they'll be there for always :-/

Glen McKay said...

Actually no, it was not because I was stuck in traffic. This is a sort of running joke that I've had for almost 3 years now (I was able to find a 2009 post on qatarliving from a friend of mine that made a reference to the Ministry). I realized I hadn't posted about it in my blog.

I would sometimes bug my Qatari friends with it, they take it in good humour.

Me: look, the roads are torn up here
Qatari friend: *rolls eyes a little*. Here we go again. Look, there's no such thing as the Ministry of Tearing-Up Roads!
Me: it's the only logical conclusion.
Other ex-pat: wow, I'm convinced!
Qatari: *shakes head a little*
Me: (whisper) they are all-powerful
Other ex-pat: (whisper) no doubt.