Friday, January 06, 2012

Doha Events

Unfortunately I've been unable to see the ExxonMobil tennis tournament, something I always look forward to watching. I was going to get tickets with a friend of mine to go see it but then he had to leave the country due to a family emergency so I didn't bother getting tickets. Now it's sold out. No seeing Federer or Nadal for me this year. Daniel Nestor didn’t attend this year so at least I didn’t miss a chance to see him play.

The last four months have been strange -- I've missed both the tennis and the Doha Tribeca Film Festival. I also haven't made it out to a Qatar Natural History Group event yet, something I always used to go to. Haven't made it out to a lecture at the Museum of Islamic Art either. Got to get back into a routine. Arabic lessons start again next week at FANAR so that will help.

Today I met up with some friends at the Pearl and afterward, since I was in the neighborhood, I figured I would stop by the Doha Trade Fair, which is on this week at the Exhibition Centre. The place was absolutely packed, thousands of people were there. (No pictures, everywhere you looked were Qatari ladies in abayas so I didn't want to cause a fuss by taking any photos). I wandered around and looked at all the things being sold by the merchants: perfumes, cosmetics, carpets, tapes, honey, clothing (mostly women's, ranging from lingerie to dresses and abayas). I didn't buy anything because I wasn't actually there for shopping, just wandering around. Not that wandering around was particularly easy, there are so many people there that sometimes it was difficult to navigate through the crowds. Most of the merchants seem to be doing a pretty brisk business though.

Tonight I just went for a walk on the Corniche for some exercise. Nothing exciting. The Corniche was pretty busy though with joggers or families having picnics and enjoying the mild weather.

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