Saturday, January 28, 2012

Qatar Motor Show

This weekend couple friends and I decided to stop by the annual Qatar Motor Show at the Exhibition Centre. My friend tried a road rally simulator . . .

And otherwise we wandered around looking at all the nice cars that we will never be able to afford. So what was there? Here's some car eye-candy for you.

(I love the paint job on this car for some reason, I wonder what colour it is?)


Jen Dary said...

Hey Glen- this is super-random, I realize. I watched a segment of 60 minutes the other week that highlighted Qatar and I've been doing a little research ever since... I stumbled on your blog a few minutes ago and have tried to find an email- alas, blog comment it is! :)

I'd love to ask you some specific questions over email if you're game. My email is posted on my blog (, so shoot me a line if you have a minute. Nothing crazy, just some basic questions about life over there.

Thanks in advance!

Jen Dary

fred said...

Greats cars

Anonymous said...

looks like a Matte Black Lamborghini...saw one with Qatari plates here in London last year, and another in Paris...heard it belonged to Wissam Al Mana, but not quite sure if that's fact or not

Glen McKay said...

Did a search and it does indeed look like Matte Black. Beautiful colour.

Since this was the car show I'm assuming they were selling the car -- maybe there's now two in Doha. I don't recall seeing one of them yet though, I'm sure I would remember seeing one of that colour.