Saturday, May 05, 2012


AutoCorrect can be one of the worst (and funniest) features on a phone. If you’re not careful when you're texting sometimes the feature will completely change the word. The other day I texted a friend asking him if you wanted to play squash this weekend and his reply text was meant to say...

“Let me get back to you later about playing squash.”

But when he was texting the word “get” he accidentally hit an ‘h’ instead of a ‘g’, “het”. If you think about it there aren't a lot of words that start with 'het' but AutoCorrect took it from there:

“Let me heterosexual back to you later about playing squash.”

LoL! My friends and I had a good laugh about that one. :-)

If you want to see more funny AutoCorrect errors naturally there is a website dedicated to this: (warning: contains bad language – that’s why the corrections are so funny)

I have AutoCorrect turned off on my phone, and now my friend does to.

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Anonymous said...

I have my auto correct switched off on my phone and I also spell all the words out - no text speak, I can't stand it. My daughter sent me a text to tell me she was going to Zumba which translated that she was going to Zimbabwe!! She also did a search for childcare and the phone asked her if she meant abattoirs(?).