Tuesday, June 17, 2014

So, Speaking of Car Accidents . . .

Today while I was in my car waiting at a light a taxi zoomed up and ran into the back of my car!

Over seven years without an accident and now twice in four months I have been hit from behind while stopped at an intersection. *sigh* This one was bad too, most of the trunk was caved in.

So I called the police. Since no one was injured and the taxi driver agreed he was at fault (it would be pretty hard to argue otherwise, unless I somehow reversed into him at 50 kph) the guy on the phone told me to come to the traffic station in Madinat Khalifa to file a report.

So off to the traffic station, filed a report, then tried to go to the insurance company but they were already closed for the day. So now I have a wrecked car sitting in front of my apartment building. As soon as they saw the car the security guards at my apartment building were asking me what the heck happened -- the rear of the car is pretty smashed up. We'll see what the insurance company says tomorrow.

A couple hours after the accident I realized I was still feeling kind of light-headed. I took a nap and still felt the same. Not in pain, and there’s no bump on my head, but similar to that feeling you get when you oversleep. Maybe I have a mild concussion from my head slamming into my seat when my car was run into. I went for a walk this evening and ate some dinner and felt a bit better but still have a bit of this “fog”. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow, otherwise I'll have to conclude that I did get a mild concussion and so will have to take it easy for the next few days.

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Health and Safety Risk Assessments said...

You have been lucky Glenn. People with even minor accidents (car crash) end up breaking chest bones. Nice to know about you. Keep sharing!

Arnold Brame