Saturday, June 14, 2014

World Cup at Souq Waqif

It's World Cup time! I don't have a TV package that shows the games, so far I've been going to Souq Waqif to watch. The Government has set up two outdoor screens and so far hundreds of people are gathering to watch. The weather has been really dry so by the evening it's no problem standing around outside to watch the games. If it gets humid though I might sit in some of the restaurants or cafés at the Souq instead – a few of them are showing the games on TVs inside.

I don't normally follow soccer but I like the World Cup, it's pretty gripping drama watching entire countries be elated or crushed depending on what happens on a soccer pitch. Loved the last one in South Africa - I joked that the Golden Glove Award should have gone to Luis Suarez, what a game that was. Anyway, this time around I can't say I'm rooting for anyone in particular but I'll admit I was as shocked as anyone at that Spain versus Netherlands game. Who knew it would be such a blowout? I wonder who's going to be that underdog team that has a good run of the World Cup this year, maybe Chile?

Anyway if you want to watch the games and don't want to go to the Souq, most hotels and shisha cafés should be showing it.

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