Tuesday, July 08, 2014

OMG, What Happened to Brazil!

Like I said before I love watching the World Cup because of the drama and excitement. So it was great that I got the chance to bear witness to what will go in the annals of World Cup history as the craziest match ever. Even for people in the crowd supporting Germany jubilation by the third goal moved into utter shock by the fifth. In some ways I still can't believe it even happened. 5 goals in less than 20 minutes?! Even some British press are feeling sorry for Brazil.

I really feel sorry for the Brazilian fans, I really do. This must be so disheartening. I'm not even sure what the media in Brazil would even be able to say. And for all those Brazilian fans who would've paid a small fortune for tickets to see that game, wow, that was just brutal.

As I'm not a huge soccer fan I'm trying to come up with a similar analogy. Canada losing in Olympic Hockey semi-finals 10-0?

Well, at least I was a witness to history.

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