Sunday, October 12, 2014

Life Jacket Is Shelf!

Finally back from my Eid vacation. Unfortunately I couldn't update my blog enroute as I was on a bus tour so didn't have access to computers and I was struggling to access my blog using my smartphone (that's the downside to using non-alphanumeric characters).

Pretty tired right now, got home a little after 1 am. While I get settled here’s an amusing sign I saw on a boat in Turkey. For the most part Turkey does a pretty good job of translating things into English but this one was amusing. Life Jacket Is Shelf!

For those of you who can't quite read the instructions:

1. Steps down blow your life jacket
2. Due to the belts behind
3. Lock the buckle
4. Press down with your hands while jumping lifejacket

I'll post more updates over the week.

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