Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Unfortunately I had to go to the hospital a few days ago for a minor procedure. A quick operation under general anesthesia, couple of nights resting in the hospital, and now I'm chilling out at home. General anesthesia really is strange stuff. It's not like you're sleeping and dreaming, it's more like someone clipped out a section of a film and tied the two ends together. You remember the anesthesia going into you and next thing you know you wake up in the recovery area. Really strange.

Anyway, everything went well and I suppose I should be grateful that it was nothing really serious. I also really appreciate music players and smart phones, which help to get through the tedious days sitting in a hospital bed. I had a book as well but there are times where you just don't feel like reading. Even after two days I was getting anxious to go home. Not that I'm doing much more here, although I do have access to my laptop, but it's nice to be in more comfortable and familiar surroundings.

One advantage of medical care in Doha is that it's relatively quick to get scheduled for a procedure. This was not any kind of emergency yet from diagnosis on a Wednesday I had the surgery on Saturday. No wait list, no having to wait for weeks for the surgery.

It will be more than a week before I can return to work. Lots of people might think that would be great but it's not ideal for me as I'm not one for sitting around relaxing for long periods of time. Even when I go on vacation I'm not a big fan of just sitting by a pool or beach for days on end, I like to get out there and explore. Nothing to be done about it though, I need to do what the doctors say and just relax, take my medications, and recover.



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