Sunday, March 08, 2015

Pests - Doha Style

So a Qatari friend of mine has nearly finished building his home. The last touches will be done over the next few days and then he and his family can move in. He invited me for a tour so I could see it (once his family moves in it's extremely unlikely I'd ever go into the house, men will meet at his majlis, which is separate from the house.)

What was amusing was the pest that had infiltrated the house.

Pigeons! Two different bathrooms had a pigeon in it, they get in through a hole in the window where the exhaust fan is supposed to be. My friend told me there's usually a pigeon in a third bathroom as well.

At least Qataris have a way to deal with that:

Pigeon infestation -- I suppose there's worse things to deal with.

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