Thursday, March 05, 2015

Updates on Musherib and Souq Waqif

The new Musherib district is coming along nicely, the side nearest the Diwan is almost ready to go.

They now have a sidewalk along the street you can walk along, and along one of the buildings are what appears to be white marble walls with Arabic inscriptions. Poems, perhaps?

I still give it at least six months before phase 1 of the area is officially open but it's nice to see that it’s almost finished.

At Souq Waqif the new 2000-space parking lot opened about a month ago, which was a good thing as more parking was needed but I was sure surprised to find that the other parking lots have now been torn up! (yes both the one on Grand Hamad street and the larger one at the back of the Souq).

I'm not entirely sure what they're doing at those spots: redesigning the parking lot? Adding more buildings?

Anyway it’s not disrupting life in the Souq much, all the entertainment is still there.


Osama Alassiry said...

Yes, that's poetry...

The first one is half of the verse
( يمانية هوجاء أوقطريه . . . لها من شعاع الشعريين لهيب )

The second one is half of the verse تحول رماح الخط دون سبائه ... وتسبي له من كل حيٍّ كرائمه

Glen McKay said...

Thanks for that Osama. I took pictures at point in the walls with good lighting so missed parts of the poems.