Thursday, May 14, 2015


Last December my office had an National Day celebration and I was lucky enough to win the big raffle prize – a trip for two to Turkey! So I’ve been away on vacation in Turkey with a Turkish friend of mine. It was great to win airfare to Turkey as I had to go there anyway to sort out some things so it was a bonus that I got free tickets. (By the way Turkish Airlines your food is pretty good but you really need to work on the entertainment system, Qatar Airways blows you away in that department).

So after landing in Istanbul we grabbed a ferry across the Sea of Marmara

To Mudanya, where my friend has an apartment.

Spent a few days in Mudanya and Bursa, doing business, eating at nice cafes and restaurants, and of course enjoying Baklava with Turkish ice cream.

Also went for walks along the Corniche, the weather was pleasant but not too hot, things will really start getting busy in the next few weeks when summer arrives and hordes of people from Istanbul and Bursa come to Mudanya for seaside trips.

Then it was back to Istanbul for a few days.

We mostly met up with friends, and while having lunch with people we met on a bus tour of Turkey last year they surprised me with a cake, which was really nice of them. I was definitely surprised.

So now it’s back in Doha, gearing up for the hot, hot summer. I'll miss Mudanya though, but I'll be there in October for another trip.

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