Friday, April 17, 2015

Update on Gulf Mall

[latest update on Gulf Mall is August 14th, you can find it here]

[There's a June 13th update on the mall, see here.]

[There's a May 29th update on the mall, see here.]

Wandered by Gulf Mall today. Surprisingly, there was a lot of people there, either checking out the new mall or shopping at some of the stores. Places like Centerpoint and Al-Meera seemed to be doing brisk business.

More stores opened, as well as a few cafes like Argo Tea and Starbucks. I think more stores and cafes will be open by next week as some appeared really close to opening. Old Navy was hanging its stock up so they might open soon too. It will still be a while for the food court, IHOP, and most of the restaurants. I figure about 40% of the shops are open now.


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Glen McKay said...

Thanks everyone, glad you stopped by.