Saturday, January 16, 2016

The First Wedding of 2016

With the cooler weather it is “wedding season” in Qatar, as people prefer holding weddings when it is not so hot. Thus I received an invite this week to a colleague’s wedding, Sheikh Abdulla Hamad.

This wedding was held in a large tent on the family’s property.

There were lots of guests of course, wishing the groom well on his marriage. The groom is at the far end of the line, wearing a black bisht over his white thobe.

So I gave my congratulations, and stayed around chatting with people I knew who were also in attendance. Unfortunately I arrived later than expected and missed most of the party, including the dinner. I was expecting it would end around 9:30 or so but I guess because it’s January the evening starts early. Dinner is around the time of Asha prayer, which in this case was around 6:30. I didn’t arrive until 7:30.

Case in point, by quarter after 8 the groom left in the wedding car to go meet his new wife, thus ending the party. I would have been a bit embarrassed if I had arrived later and missed the event, given I told Sheikh Abdulla I’d be there.

So if you get an invite to a Qatari Wedding in the next few weeks aim to be there 6-ish so you don't miss anything.

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