Monday, January 25, 2016

Souq Waqif Spring Festival

I stopped by the Souq to check out what they were doing for the Spring Festival (I think being held for the next week).

Even though it was a weekday there were four different stages with events, mostly traditional music but sometimes children's entertainment such as magicians.

A dome in the main area that was apparently showing short films. It had a line-up so I didn't go in.

and some stilt-walkers and bands wandering the souq. One set of stilt-walkers were on some type of stilt with springs so would jump over people.

There was a decent crowd at the Souq enjoying the festivities, I could only imagine how crowded it would be on the weekends. Kids seemed to be enjoying themselves so consider heading to the Souq for dinner. If you get an outdoor table along the main restaurant area you'll even have the bands and stilt-walkers walk by while you eat.

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