Tuesday, February 09, 2016

National Sports Day

Today was National Sports Day in Qatar, a day off where people are supposed to focus on activity and exercise. This is my first year being here for Sports Day, all the other years I was on vacation in Canada so I missed it.

Numerous places plan activities, such as the Aspire Zone and Katara, but each year work does a morning walk along the Corniche. So I was up at 6am to walk to the Corniche to meet everyone. Oddly enough my walk to the starting point was longer than the official walk itself but hey, those 10,000 steps a day aren't going to walk themselves y'know.

It was a beautiful day, sunny without any dust. The lack of dust was due to a shammal (north) wind blowing off the Gulf so the wind definitely had a chill to it, which I felt whenever I was out of the sun. Lots of people were on the Corniche enjoying the weather. The walk itself was just that, a roughly 2km walk with a drinks station at the end where you could get water or juice. Other groups were doing walks on the Corniche as well for Sports Day.

After the Corniche walk I wound up missing the activities at the other places in the city. I met up with a friend for breakfast at Souq Waqif, then went to his place to help with some stuff he was doing at his majlis, then a late lunch, then met up with another friend and the next thing you know it's 9:00pm. So my Sports Day didn't exactly go to plan but hey, day off work!

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