Saturday, May 27, 2017

Ramadan 2017 - First Iftar

So here is what I hope will be my standard iftar for the month of Ramadan:

Vegetable soup, dates, handful of nuts and olives, a small bit of cheese, an apple, a banana, and lots and lots of water.

In truth this is a lot of food for a standard Qatari's iftar. They typically have a small amount of food (dates, water, maybe some yoghurt or laban) because they have to go pray. Once they are back from prayers the meal begins.

I actually struggled with it and started feeling full before I ate the apple or banana. So I saved the fruit for about an hour later after my stomach settled.

Tonight for my 3am meal I'm going to try oatmeal. I don't think cooking up oatmeal will be ideal, typically I keep some dried food and drinks on my nightstand and can thus quickly eat it before going back to bed. Will I enjoy getting up to cook oatmeal? We'll find out.

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