Sunday, January 07, 2018

Beach Party

The New Year didn't start off well as that evening I was feeling a little under the weather but went out for New Year's Eve dinner anyway. Sure enough I had a cold and by Tuesday just stayed home in bed. I hate colds. Even now I'm still a little stuffed up from it.

I did get over the worst of it by Thursday, which was good because Friday a friend was hosting a party in Dukhan for about 40 people. It was on the beach but it was a bit chilly for swimming. Didn't matter as he had set up majlis-style seating with tables for playing cards. Good thing it wasn't windy that day. There was also a beach football game that many of the guys played in.

Yep, more tough "camping" on the beach. Electricity, comfortable seating, TVs. This year our host kicked it up a notch by having a shwarma stand as well as a karak & chapatti stand. No I'm not kidding.

So the day was spent hanging out. The Gulf Cup final was that evening so people were gathered around the TVs to watch the game. Oman won, to the delight of the crowd as their opponent was the UAE. Thanks to the blockade no one was a UAE supporter.

Dinner was served around 9:30. Platters of kids (baby goats) on rice. Unfortunately none of my pictures of the meal turned out.

And so ended another Qatari camping evening. There'll probably be a few more before the heat hits in May.

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