Sunday, December 31, 2017

Reflections on 2017

Another year has come and gone, time to go through the pictures and reflect on what happened in 2017.

The biggest thing of course was Qatar coming under a blockade by neighbouring countries. Six months later it's still in place and there's no end in sight. When it was first imposed it was a nervous time, I had never experienced something like this before, and figured my embassy would be calling shortly to tell me to leave. That never happened though and now people are used to the blockade and life is going on as normal.

At a concert at Royal Albert Hall, London.

Relaxing in the pool. Koh Samui, Thailand.

Touring the walls of York, England.

Was there in April and probably the last time I'll see it. A mangrove forest in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

With the family admiring the enormous old-growth trees. Cathedral Grove Park, Vancouver Island, Canada.

With the gang at a ko-cart track. Thailand.

Lazing about on the riverbank. Cambridge, England.

No, it's not actually my tea, the tea planation it is from was called "Glenloch". Central Mountains, Sri Lanka.

Where in Canada can this be? It's actually not in Canada at all. It's a replica of the ship used by the explorer John Cabot, one of the first to reach what is now Canada. The replica is where he set sail from, Bristol, England.

Watching the fishermen at the Galata Bridge. Istanbul, Turkey.

At the Muy Thai fights, Thailand.

Prize vouchers from winning a pub quiz, Oxford, England. (I'm quite proud to have been part of a team that won a pub quiz at Oxford University)

From the roof of the ferry, Strait of Georgia, Canada.

The final steps (there were more than 1200). Climb of Sigiriya, Sri Lanka.

I'm ready for battle! Warwick Castle, England

Getting a trim. Mudanya, Turkey.

Watching a local band at a bar in Chichester, England

Dinner at the majlis with my friends. Doha, Qatar.

My new cap. From a shop on Portobello Road, London.

At the office. Doha, Qatar.

Happy New Year everyone. Here's to a fun and exciting 2018.

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