Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Health Test

I was at Festival City Mall the other day and saw a new booth.

It's a medical booth set up by the Government to promote healthy heart awareness, providing a free check-up (weight, blodd pressure, and a quick blood test for blood sugar and cholesterol). So I lined up and after about 15 minutes got my results, which they wrote in a booklet for me.

In the meantime they had a simple test where you could see how healthy your heart is. It was a points-based one where you answer questions and add points based on your response. For example if you're normal weight add 2 points, if you're obese add 6 points and so forth. I was on the cutting edge of elevated risk but I wasn't too worried, being a male of my age it was almost impossible to score in the low-risk range.

Anyway the reason why I wanted to do the blood test etc was because I went to this booth in a different mall four years ago -- and I kept my booklet from back then. When I got home I found it and compared how I've done over the years:

Blood pressure: still normal
Blood sugar: still normal (not bad considering this time I had eaten maybe a half-hour before)
Cholesterol: Improved! I was at 129 mg/dL but now it's 110. That's what more veggies and less meat does for you I guess.

The big shock was my weight though - I'd gained 5kg! That was a real surprise, I had worked hard in 2016 on losing weight but I guess I gained it back. *sigh*

If you see the booth it's worth getting checked out. It doesn't take long and it won't hurt to know your numbers.

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