Monday, March 05, 2018

Souq Waqif Date Festival 2018

I went to the Date Festival at the Souq tonight. In the past it was a simple tent but this year they've really built it up. It's a huge tent with dozens of booths, and occasional majlis-style seating areas for people to relax at.

This time they included not only local dates but vendors from all over the Middle East and North Africa were there. I saw dates from Tunisia, Algeria, Iran, and so forth.

An Iranian buddy of mine was manning one booth. He told me business was pretty good, slow on Sunday-Tuesday but a lot more hectic on Wednesdays and the weekends. I picked up some dates from him as well as some sweet spreads from Iran. I didn't really shop at the other booths, I wanted some dates to take to a majlis this weekend and didn't want to buy them from someone else.

The festival is on until March 15th.


Anonymous said...

Could you pls inform the exact location of the tent? Thanks!

Glen McKay said...

It's behind the area with all of the restaurants, above the new underground parking lot.