Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ramadan 2011 continued

So we are almost done, maybe two or three days to go.

I actually started to run into trouble with my sleep schedule. I found I wasn't sleeping well at night, which would make me tired throughout the day, which meant I napped longer, which meant I would have trouble sleeping at night, etc. I went through about three nights in a row where I couldn't get to sleep till around 3:00 or 3:30, yet I had to get up at 6:45 for work. Yesterday I soldiered through and didn't have a nap during the day and sure enough I slept fine last night. Decided since it was the weekend to sleep in a little and not have a nap today either. That should get me back on track, so to speak.

Fasting on the weekend really is tougher than weekdays. Work at least keeps you distracted or is on the weekend there isn't a lot to do so you have time to focus on that you're hungry. It's also too hot to go outside, and almost everything is closed, so to get out of the apartment and keep away from temptation I find I go to the malls and wander around. Gets a little eerie at times. Check out these photos:

This is what the malls are like at two in the afternoon on a Ramadan weekend. Almost entirely empty. If it wasn't for the supermarket being open the mall doors would likely have been locked.

Well I have got to start thinking about the ending of Ramadan as I have a trip to Italy planned for Eid. I'm leaving in four days and I haven't even started packing or figuring out what sites I want to see. Typical for me, I'm always a last-minute kind of guy.

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