Saturday, December 24, 2011

Celebrations at Souq Waqif (Arab dancing)

Thanks to the Arab Games there were a number of events around the city. In Souq Waqif they had set up three stages at various locations for acts from the various Arab countries to perform on. While I was there yesterday I was able to capture some video from each of the performances.

First up: video of Palestinian dancers

Dance 1
Dance 2
Dance 3

Then there was a group of Saudi singers and drummers. The song is structured such that the lead sings a part then the singers on the side respond.

Saudi singers

I guess the music was pretty good because soon a few Qataris were dancing.

Saudi singers 2

Finally, here are some dancers from Oman. Now how different the Omanis are from the Saudis

Omani dancers

And unlike Saudis the Omani women take part in the dances as well, with elaborate costumes.

Omanis 2


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