Thursday, December 01, 2011

Pork in Qatar – Update

Rumors are flying that some hotels are already selling pork, but I checked a couple of them out and found nothing.

With the decision to allow the QDC (Liquor store) to sell pork, I decided to ask a number of my Muslim colleagues what they thought about the change in policy from the Government. I spoke to five Qataris and an Egyptian and all of them were generally of the same view:

• They don't agree with allowing it (they are Muslim, what did you expect?) . . .
• . . . but none of them were deeply troubled or outraged by it. Many thought it was inevitable since Qatar allows alcohol as well.
• Some were concerned that this would lead to a slippery slope and it would soon be available in restaurants (I think it will happen as well)
• And generally they were disappointed as this may mean in the future that they will have to start scanning menus to see if there would be any pork in the dish. They like the fact that in Qatar they could go to a restaurant and be confident that any food they ordered was halal (acceptable for Muslims to eat). It is possible that may change.

Since Friday is the main religious day I'll take a look at the Friday paper and see if there are any opinions from the general population in regards to the pork issue. So far I do not think the Government has released anything official as to why they changed their policy stance, some of the Qataris doubt there will be any official statement released.

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jaylen watkins said...

Well this can be rumor to make ill of any hotel. Qatar is good country.

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