Saturday, June 16, 2012

Car Inspection 2012

I had to get my car inspected this morning as part of renewing the registration. The process was pretty much the same as last year only this time, because I had a couple of scratches on the door (from some fool in the parking lot opening their car door too hard), the inspectors deemed it a “fault” and said my car didn't pass. Seriously, the two scratches were about an inch long! Apparently the inspectors are instructed to be conservative and write up any problem.

So what do you do in that situation? At the side of the building is another line up with a Ministry Officer who you go to for a second opinion. Drive up, hand him the report, he takes a quick look, and if he thinks it's minor signs off that you can renew your registration. Which of course he did in my case.

Other than that it was a pretty smooth process. Driving in the Industrial Area is a bit of a pain though but c’est la vie.

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Susanne Fornasier said...

I went to Fahes yesterday, too. Because of my experience in the industrial area last year I decided to drive to Al Wakrah. Good decision. The whole procedure (paying, inspection & getting the paper) took only 10 min. BINGO. Only drawback, there was no police officer to sign an stamp the inspection paper. So I drove to the police station closest to us (Al Mamoura). The captain himself took care of it. Looked at the car (with quite some scratches and a little bump) siad its okay, sent me directly to the insurance agents (which I wanted to do today) who was also very polite and quick and I had my new registration within 20 min. All in all it took me an hour (including the driving) compared to two days last year. Only thing missing now are the new number plates which should be ready for pick up within 10 days, insha'allah.
Renewing your registration is always worth a story :-)