Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gold Souq

As of today at five o'clock City Centre was still closed.

I just got back from Souq Waqif and the new Gold Souq is open. I took a quick wander around, it's air-conditioned, has a nice courtyard area with a small pool, and also had a cafĂ© with a few tables. Not all the stores were open yet but the ones that were appeared to be very high-end -- some of the jewelry on display had really large stones (I'm talking “Holy &%^#!” stones). The jewelry was clearly for people with lots of money to spend.



scaryazeri said...

I heard landmark will be closing down soon, too.hope it is a gossip but, sadly, the guy who told me seems like a reliable source!

Is there a new gold souq then? We went to a gold souq and bought a very reasonable (60%off!) ring. :))

Glen McKay said...

I'm not sure if this gold souq is going to have the less-expensive jewelry stores currently housed in that old souq near the bus terminal. However not all of the stores have opened yet, and there is a second-floor, so maybe those stores will close down in the old place and move to the new one?

ryesays said...

nice! that's why i keep coming back to your blog, i get to learn alot of new things about qatar here first than any other blogs.

gotta visit this place soon.

Yaj said...

Yeah, it looks like malls in qatar are closely watched now. You have a very interesting posts here. Will follow your blog from now.